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Every young learner who is looking forward to studying at "Téglás Gábor" Theoretical High School is welcomed by our well-prepared, dynamic and young teaching staff. These past years we have tried to offer every child, beginning with kindergarten and going up to the secondary school, the opportunity to learn in their mother tongue. We have also initiated a vocational class for all those Hungarian teenage pupils from Hunedoara district. Our course catalogue has a varied offer for our pupils whose number is so often fluctuating. We decided in 2013 that, for the first time in the Ardeal region, in order to meet all requirements we had to start 2 types of classes with different specializations, one of sciences and another class of humanities, abbreviated MIFI. The following year we continued our project by initiating a class with a different specialization, that is sciences/ life sciences.

We welcome to our school, "Téglás Gábor" Theoretical High School, all pupils who want to study in their mother tongue.

In 2014-2015 there are 33 classes and preschool classes, with a total of 575 pupils, all under the supervision of 42 teachers in a four-floored, well-equiped and modern school. There are:

- 7 preschool classes
- 10 elementary classes
- 7 middle school classes 
- 8 secondary school classes 
- 2 vocational classes

In 2015-2016 we prepare to start a vocational class specialized in tourism. We begin school with 2 preschool classes, 2 preparatory classes and 2 fifth grade classes.

Balogh-Botár Károly-Csaba