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The Guardians of Our Heritage

We had the great honour to organize the regional phase of our contest "The Guardians of Our Heritage" which was founded 7 years ago by RMDSZ, coordinated by Hegedüs Csilla, Deputy Secretary-General of RMDSZ and by Iuliu Winkler, MEP. The programme in which Hungarian historical monuments are "adopted" by schools and used for organizing cultural activities of preservation of traditions is very popular in our institution. Annually, more teams from VII-XII grades participate in this programme. Till now, 250 pupils have been involved in conservation and popularization of our county's heritage.

For the first time, in this school year, our pupils have demonstrated their talent at regional phase alongside with pupils from Alba and Brasov county. Even though the pupils from Alba Iulia won the big prize, a trip to Bruxelles, we know that we are also the winners both our school and our community.