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Communitas Foundation

Hall Deva

Geszthy Ferenc Association

- Deva, Anemonelor Street - 57A, 330064

- tel.: 0254 228.080

St. Francis Foundation

Erich Hauer Student Council

The Hauer Erich Student Council from Deva (acronym in Hungarian: HEDT) was founded over the 2005-2006 school year. This non-profit, apolitical, cultural youth organisation is led by the council’s president, who is elected by the student body of our school in a secret ballot. Any student belonging to “Téglás Gábor” High School may be a member of HEDT, provided that he or she actively participates in and contributes to activities reflecting our goals. Our objectives are: representing and protecting students’ rights, establishing and maintaining close relationships between teachers and students, recruitment of volunteers, organization of cultural and outdoor activities, community building, and animating the dull life of students.

- Deva, Anemonelor Street - 57A, 330064

- tel.: 0721 150 611

Parents Advisory Council - Kőmíves Kelemen

- Deva, Anemonelor Street - 57A, 330064

- tel.: 0746 236 612

School Partners 

M. A. R. O. B. A. T.