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The 2015 Prom

Gólyabál 2015This year's prom has F. Scott Fitzgerald's  "The Great Gatsby" as a theme. The decorations, clothes and music of the American 20's delighted the public that was present at this important annual high school event.

There have been some memorable moments such as: when the 14 pairs of freshmen entered the stage dancing and pledged obedience with their hand on the heart and standing only on one foot, just like a real stork. Of course one of the main interests of our freshmen would be learning for school so as not to upset their beloved teachers.

After the pledge the freshmen showed both the jury and the public their special artistic talents. This year's freshmen presented us with a wonderful performance including modern dance and folk dance with vocal accompaniment and lots of  humorous moments. For example Radu Paul came on the stage to sing his own hip-hop song.

Gólyabál 2015The interest of the public was kept alive even during breaks, thanks to the future high school graduates who organized a raffle for the participants including lots of attractive prizes. While the jury was fiercely debating the final results of the competition , the Bagossy Brothers Company band made the public dance on various rhythms of indie-rock,  alternative and folk-rock. After singing "Van egy ház" the band came back in the warm applauses of the public and sang once more.

Later on the jury announced the results and "Gatsby" himself, in the person of  the XIIth grader Fodoran Benjamin, read them. They go as follows: the second runners up are Moldován Magdi and Koncz Levente, the first runners up are Krizsán Izabella and Sárközi Eduárd and the prize for the most popular couple was given to Erdős Amália and Vitális Alex.

The winners of this year's high school prom are Nagy Kincső together with Gáspár Barra Áron.

All the winners of the competition were given consistent prizes by the sponsors and the organizers of this years prom.