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Receiving of guests

Hunedoara county is appealing to both inland and foreign tourists due to its natural and historical attractions. Nature lovers can stroll on the paths of Retezat and Parâng Mountains, winter sports lovers can venture on the ski slopes at Straja or Râusor, while those interested in history can visit the Corvin’s Castle in Hunedoara, the Fortress of Deva, the Magna Curia, the Red Bastion in Ilia, the Colț Fortress and many more. The favoured destinations for those seeking relaxation and recreation are the Geoagiu Băi resort and the recently opened Aqualand waterpark.

“Téglás Gábor” High School offers visitors, with advance notice, accommodations and meals at extremely convenient prices as described below:

Accommodation: 20 RON per person per night (1350 HUF/4.54 EUR)

Meal: 15 RON per person per day (1000 HUF/3.41 EUR)

            breakfast:        3.25 RON (215HUF)

            lunch:              7.50 RON (500 HUF)

            supper:             4.25 RON (285 HUF)

Please notify us about your accommodation/meal requirements on the following e-mail address:

Thank you!